Whether it’s a forest of hair on your back or chest, or small amount around the facial area, problem solved.

If you been asking what is laser hair removal? then let us quickly  explain.

Typically men have much more body hair than women due to testosterone. Thus if you have higher levels of testosterone, then you are likely to have faster and coarser excessive hair.

As men take greater pride in their appearance, the sight of unwanted forest of hair or ingrown patches can be disconcerting.

Fortunately, laser hair removal for men is very effective due to the follicles being dark and thick, and we have tailored our treatments exclusively for men.

  • Clinic is approved under the London borough of Hillingdon special treatment licence
  • The laser practitioner has multiple years of experience
  • The treatment is suitable for White, Asian, Black, or Medediterranean skin types

ND:YAG laser suitable for all skin types


The Procedure

Laser treatment is a non-invasive medical procedure, the concentrated light (laser beam) is absorbed by the hair melanin (dark colour) and converts to heat energy. The heat reaches the hair root and safely destroys the hair follicle leaving the around tissue and skin unharmed.

However, laser can destroy hair follicles only in their anagen stage (growing stage). Although, not all of your hairs are in anagen stage at one time, to get an effective hair reduction it requires a series of treatments to catch the hair growth cycle.

For the very best results we suggest minimum course of 6 to 8 treatments to see a satisfying hair reduction result.

anogen laser hair removal for men

Your Skin Type

The ND:YAG lasers we use at the clinic are medical grade and used by medical practitioners around the globe. The machines work on all skin types and are very effective at permanently reducing hair growth.

All laser machines do not work on white or grey hairs because the laser light cannot target light-coloured hairs.

fitzpatrick scale for mens laser hair removal