permanent mens underarm laser hair removal in West London borough of Hillingdon in Hayes near Hounslow and Slough


Increasingly men are joining women and shaving their underarms, and the DIY shaving of underarms ,lets face it, is the pits.

Is underarms laser hair removal the best option?

Plucking,waxing and shaving are cheaper in the short term, but you often end up with nicks, stubble and razor burn, and never mind your own time wasted again and again.

Underam laser hair removal is the clear winner in terms of effectiveness, over the long term when of cost and convenience. It is near permanent for it permanently destroys in average, 80% to 90% of treated hairs.

The long term saving of your own time and money is beyond doubt.

How does laser hair removal armpits work?

The laser,safely and effectively, beams laser light pulses selectively, to destroy hair follicles in their growth of their life cycle, by targeting the melanin in them. The pigment in the hair follicle absorbs the pulse, which damages the follicle enough to slow hair regrowth.

Is my skin suitable for underam hair removal?

The laser’s we have will work on all skin types, including Asian, Mediterranean, Arab or Persian and Black.

You would need to complete a free consultation and skin patch test to check whether your skin is suitable for our laser.

After 48 hours, if there is no adverse reaction to the skin, then you will be entitled to book your first session.

How long do results last?

To capture the hair follicle in the growth stage,you will need a minimum of 6 to 8 sessions spaced from 4 to 6 weeks apart to capture all the hairs in their growth stage. Please remember each individual hair follicle has a mind of it’s own, and will be at varying stages of their individual life cycle.

Does Laser hair removal hurt?

This really is a loaded question, which is relative to each individual.

Once your session begins, you will feel a slight stinging sensation. You’ll know then that the laser is active. You may feel a prickling and burning sensation,but don’t worry, most of our male clients often quip that it wasn’t too bad at all

After your laser underarm hair removal session, you may see some swelling and redness. These are temporary and you can straightway go back to work or resume your normal activity.