Laser or IPL Hair Removal

If you think all hair removal laser treatment is the same, then it’s time to think again! I have been asked a few times the difference and so let’s discuss the simple facts  when coming to choose Laser or IPL:

Is Soprano good as NDYAG Laser?

A question was asked recently by a new soon-to-be client of South Asian heritage, as to whether Soprano laser was good for her skin. The reason being she paid a heft sum with another clinic, however, the hair growth appeared to grow stronger than before…

Making Laser Hair Removal Treatments Work!

So you book your course of sessions and expect the treatments to deliver and they should. However, making a hair removal laser treatment that works to a level you want will require some legwork on your part as lying still…

Do You Want Find Out Your Skin Type for Laser Hair Removal?

Do You Want To find out your skin type for hair laser removal? A clever chap called Thomas Fitzpatrick in 1975 developed a system for classifying a person’s complexion and their tolerance to sunlight. This “Fitzpatrick Classification Scale” is now used by clinic’s world over to determine the type of laser and facial treatments your…

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Nd:Yag Laser Hair Removal Made Easy For You!

Who doesn’t want to hair-free silky skin and look stunning? A person from all ages of the spectrum of life becomes health-conscious and tries to have well-nourished skin. In today’s busy world people do not get much time to look after their skin and body. Therefore, some of the talented and trained skin specialists and…

A Patch test Question from a reader

I had a patch test question come in from a website reader and an eventual customer. To get it out of the way, the first question is always “Is it free?” and the answer is 100% free. I cannot believe some clinic actually charges for a patch test. I wouldn’t pay nor should you…

Facial Hair On Asian Skin and Laser Hair Removal

I am contacting you after you were recommended by someone I hold in high esteem. I am a young Asian woman with an olive tan skin tone along with dark facial hair. I have had various treatments so far, including varieties of lasers that were sold as ‘lasers’ to me and I am very disappointed…

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Different Types of Lasers for Hair Removal

Since the mid-1990’s when the FDA first approved clearance, laser hair removal technology has progressed rapidly. The older generation hair laser treatments were often cumbersome, slow, and painful to the user –especially dark skin types. Thankfully today certain lasers can work on all skin types, even tanned skin, and on all areas, so if you…

Does Microdermabrasion Really Work?

Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion is a simple, straight forward, non-invasive procedure that revitalizes dull skin, reduces large pores, erases fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, reduces pigment irregularities (hyperpigmentation), stretch marks and age spots.

Is The Opera LED Mask The Key to Young Skin?

Why Are Stars like Jessica Alba using Opera LED Facial? There is always the constant search for the next secret to eternal youth, though in the back of our heads we know  there are no quick fixes, ‘OPERA’ LED Light Facial might be the quickest available now.

Want To Know About Threading?

Threading is a very old “epilating” (hair removal) technique used by skill beauticians through the ages. Eyebrow threading is the most common threading treatment today, and it is a practice of re-shaping the eyebrows using cotton thread to pull out unwanted hair.

Will laser hair removal treatment permanently remove hair ?

We provide for women & men permanent hair removal at our laser clinic Beaulaser London. The general opinion is that hair laser removal is considered as a “permanent hair reduction”. Generally, this means that you shouldn’t expect a laser to remove every single hair from an area. Most will also need touch-up treatments 1-2 times…