mens back laser hair removal treatment in West London borough of Hillingdon in Hayes at great cheap prices


Let’s be upfront, you won’t get many, if any, Hollywood films where the lead woman runs to a man with hairy back. The embarrasment of a hairy back, which you cannot usually fully see but know is there, is palpable.

Unwanted back hair is not only a cosmetic issue, it can also cause infections and irritations of your skin. Men’s back Laser hair removal treatment can eliminate all of these problems.

If you have too much or very thick hair on your back, you know how difficult it is treat it so please read on.

The Difficulty With Removing Back Hair

There is one obvious issue that you have to deal with when removing your back hair: you won’t be able to reach everything. Unless your arms are double-jointed, then you’re going to have some headaches dealing with your back hair on your own. This means that the vast majority of back hair removal methods will require someone else to help you out.

The obvious issue is, even if your a great gymnast, you are going to have problem removing most of your back. You won’t be able to reach most of it, which means you will assistance from a professional practitioner to get it done right.

My options for back hair removal?

You could get your partner to use a razor or electric shaver, but your relying on them covering such a large area and doing it professionaly, which is asking a lot.

If you only have small amount, you could try pulling with tweezers, but good luck with that!
You could have waxing done, like a lot of women have been doing for generations, but it’s not exactly very comfortable and the regular cost will add up quickly.

In the long term, in terms of cost and covenience laser hair removal for back trumps them all. Yes it is initially more expensive, but over the long term it is the clear winner.

Laser hair removal has the advantage of zapping the hair follicle at the root, which means that it will grow back slower than otherwise. If you want to reduce how often you depilate your back, then laser hair removal will be one of the best options at your disposal.

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal is a procedure where a specific beam of light bypasses the epidermis and targets the follicle, disabling the reproductive cycle of the hair without hurting the skin. As the follicle gets destroyed, the hair shaft becomes weak and limp, and eventually—with pre-prescribed periods of treatment—that follicle dies and no hair grows. It is near permanent, in that after having a course on minimum of six to eight treatments, on avereage 80% to 90% of hair in the treated area, will be permanently destroyed.

Does it hurt?

You will find that you are less sensitive on the back of your skin, compared to other parts of your body. Most of our male clients don’t feel anything at all, and at worst, you will feel a touch uncomfortable, likening it to being snapped with an elastic band repeatedly.

However we must stress again, your pain threshold will increase as the back tends to be able to take lot more intensive treatment.

Laser hair removal involves more session time than smaller areas. The cost is a bit higher than treatments on smaller areas such as chin face or underarms but it’s worth it.

What areas of the back can have laser hair removal?

Simply put all of it. From the top of the back of the shoulders to all the way down to just above your buttocks. Please see our prices page for the current deals on offer.

The method is an FDA-approved and is proven safe for permanently removing unwanted and excessive hair.

Even those who have thicker hair can achieve reduction in hair density. The use of this treatment on the back is a real progress in excessive hair growth for both men and women.

Still interested?

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