permanent ear laser hair removal for men at cheap prices. Malelaser is based in the West London borough of Hillingdon in Hayes.


Your ear hair can now be history thanks to laser hair removal. Todays lasers can target ear hair so you never have to worry about those embarrassing stray hairs again.

As you get older, you begin to spot hairs in places that you didn’t think existed! Hairs on the ears and earlobe can be embarrising, though fortunately it’s very treatable with a near permanent ear laser hair removal

What if you did not have to worry about overnight sprouting of unwanted hairs ?
What if you did not have to worry about finding your partner’s tweezer or charging the ear trimmer?
What if you did not have to worry about the electrical shaver ‘hopefully’ catching them?
What if we could offer you a treatment that would calm you and give you peace of mind?


100% yes. Ear laser hair removal is more effective, more long term than waxing, trimming, shaving and using hair removal creams. In the long term it is more costs effective too.

Whilst the other methods are in the short term are cheaper, if you total up all the oppprtunity cost in time and finances, then near permanent ear laser hair removal method will long term terms of cost and convenience.

Also  the reason we say ‘near permanent’ is that a session of treatments,that is 80% to 90% usually of hair follicles are destroyed for good – there is nothing that is 100% long term anywhere.

Laser is ideal for hair removal on other parts of the face, like the nose, cheeks, forehead or neck.


Laser hair removal treatments have been popular with women for a long time, but its effectiveness is now an open secret.

More and more men, from their twenties onwards, are opting to do ear and earlobe laser hair removal due to it’s results.

As most men know,as you get older, you may become follicly challenged on top, but in other places like the ears and nostrils, they are growing at a faster and deeper rate, almost like everything has shifted to those areas from the top!

The outer ear hair can grow around the front and back of the ear, and even in the ear canal. From the earlobe or lobule and tragus , around the outer helix and antihelix and the scapha and antihelical fold.

In a nutshell, hairs can and will eventually grow all in and around the ear.


Laser hair removal on the ears can remove hair by up to 90%. These results are achievable after completing a course of laser hair removal. Laser hair removal for the ears is cannot be done in one session with your ear hair never to return.

A minimum of 6 to 8 sessions are required to make sure we capture the hairs in their growth phase, which is the only phase in which the follice can be destroyed.

Your appointment will also be spread around a month to six weeks apart, to make sure the laser can kill and destroy all the hairs in the ‘anagen’ or growth phase.

So if you are thinking about removing your ear hair by laser expect the treatment to be completed in around 30 weeks if you have six sessions or up to 42 weeks if you have 8 sessions. This is assuming you do not miss or have to reschedule any appointments which would mean longer.


We sell a fair price package deal, which, if you compare like for like, will be unbeatable in price and results. Our laser is genuinely medical grade, and most of our clients, have been referred to by their own friends and family to us.


You will need to contact us to arrange and free consultation and patch to test to make sure your skin is suitable for our laser.

You have nothing to lose, so what are you waiting for?