ND YAG Laser or IPL or Waxing


On average, Malelaser clients see a 95% reduction in unwanted hair in treated areas after a minmium of 6 to 8 session treatments. Our medical grade Nd:Yag can safely remove hair on all skin tones. Laser hair removal costs roughly an equivalent as at-home devices, but with permanent (and better) leads to less time & with less pain.

Additionally, you are doing not need to let the hair grow call at order for laser hair removal to achieve success . In fact, it’s required that the world be clean shaven on the day of your treatment.

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ND YAG laser hair removal for men in West london near Slough and Ealing and Uxbridge in Hayes


The infamous Groupon offers, the Amazon listed at-home devices and also lots of spa’s use IPL technology to get rid of hair. IPL is multi-wavelength, scattered light that’s generated from flash lamps & isn’t “true laser” light because it spreads out rather than staying during a targeted beam. once you compare IPL to our lasers (because IPL isn’t a laser!) it’s a no brainer that laser hair removal is that the better solution to your unwanted hair.

At best, IPL users see an 80% reduction in unwanted hair over the course of 10+ treatments. additionally to producing inferior results, these devices only work on light to medium skin tones – they severely burn darker skin tones. IPL devices (whether at-home or at a med spa) are more painful than our lasers, and need tons longer to take care of results.

IPL vs ND YAG laser hair removal for men


If you have seen ‘The 40 Year Old Virgin’ then you will know, how painful this can be. Women find it painful but also have a much higher pain threshold than most men, yet this treatment is widely regarded as painful enough to bleed.

if you want to go down this process, then seriously good luck!

Waxing does work on all skin tones – but costs nearly 10 times the maximum amount in your lifetime than laser hair treatments. Additionally, you’ll also got to devote 8 hours of your life annually to getting to 10 or more waxing appointments to take care of results.

As if stealing your precious time, being more painful and costlier wasn’t enough… you furthermore may need to let embarrassing stubble grow before each appointment so as for it to be effective!

waxing vs laser hair removal for men treatment at Malelaser