permanent chest laser hair removal for men in Hayes, which is near Southall with unbeatable ow prices


If you have been putting in the effort in the gym, then ignoring the constant bodily chest hair can ruin your look. Fortunately there is a near permanent solution to impress the women

Using chest laser hair removal treatment is now a popular choice amongst men of all ages and regardless of whether your skin type is White, Mediterranean, Asian, Persian or Black.

What are my options for chest hair removal?

The cheapest option is the simple razor or next up a trimmer or electric shaver.. You can do it it yourself, but you will have to do it every couple of days and eventually it gets tiresome and the closer you want it , the greater the risk of getting razor burn, ingrown hairs and, pimples. It can also be itchy when growing back in.

You could use hair removal cream but they often lead chemical burn or irritation, especially if you’re prone to an allergic reaction or have sensitive skin. Never mind the constant cost involved.

Then there is waxing. It does a very good job for a few days, but the regular cost of time and money soon add, as well the possibility of burns, bruising, pimples, and ingrown hair. Sometimes the skin gets itchy when growing.

Finally you have laser hair removal.

While after a course of treatments, you should expect a 80% to 90% reduction in hair, it is FDA approved for permanent hair reduction. Plus it is ideal for large body areas like a male chest and abdomen. In the short term there treatment is significantly more expensive, but when you total up your opportunity cost of your own time and money, then it is hands down, the best form of treatment.

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser Hair Removal works to destroy the hair follicles in the skin using light energy. Our expert practitioners use their knowledge of hair growth cycles to identify which stage the body hair is in and evaluate when a future session will provide the most effective results. All body hair grows in stages and these stages are called Anagen, Catagen and Telogen.

The treatment works to permanently damage and destroy the hair growing environment so no future hairs can grow there. By using a medical laser, the intense beam of light can target the root of the hairs and emits powerful visible and invisible light pulses to the dark hairs which then turns to heat. The dark pigment in the hair follicles soak up the heat from the laser which then damages the hair follicles.

Yet, Laser Hair Removal is most effective during the Anagen phase of the hair growth cycle. This is because the the hair is actively growing and is fully pigmented, so the laser can detect the hair easily and the hair itself will be most responsive to the treatment. However, as hair is only in this stage approx 20% of the time, a minimum course of 6 to 8 treatments is needed to target this growth phase and get the best results.

This treatment is not suitable for people with fine hair as the hair needs to be dark in order to be detected by the laser.

What kind of results can I expect?

After your course of sessions have completed, you can expect significant reduction of on average 80% to 80%, if not permanent removal of the unwanted hair on your chest.You will first begin to find the hairs start to reduce in texture and slow in growth rate, with some hairs not returning and or completely disappearing.

Generally during a course, each session will be spread between 4 to 6 weeks apart, and gradually with longer intervals as the hairs start to disappear completely