laser beard line shaping hair removal from malelaser in west london


A well groomed beard is basically a game changer for it involves framing your looks. However, maintaining a beard, as all men know, is hard work but worth it. Biggiest issue is finding the time to trim it regularly and keep it in shape.

Well you don’t need to anymore. Laser beard line shaping hair removal makes the method of beard shaping a bit of cake. By reducing the thickness and coarseness of the beard, your beard line looks neat and therefore the irritating collar rash or stray hairs won’t be a drag anymore.

What Should I Expect?

Laser facial hair removal,is a quick treatment procedure allowing most normal activities to resume immediately. Although you’ll need lay off sweating for twenty-four hours post-treatment. Most significantly , this process is painless though some may experience mild redness and sensitivity which may be reduced through the appliance of cooling gel given after the treatment. The results will show immediately after treatment, and a course of treatments are going to be recommended counting on the world , skin tone, and therefore the thickness of your hair. A top-up treatment could also be recommended to some to make sure long-lasting results.

Is Your Hair and Skin Suitable?

The Lasers utilized in laser beard shaping targets pigmentation, so unless your hair is red, white or grey, you ought to be an appropriate candidate for the treatment. You will have to complete a  consultation and skin patch to make sure you are suitable for the treatment, which is all free.

Pretreatment Care:

  • Avoid any hair removal treatments aside from shaving a minimum of 2 weeks before treatment.
  • Avoid sun exposure before the treatment.


  • Sun exposure, baths and hot showers should be avoided after the treatment.
  • Any rigorous exercise or swimming should even be avoided due risk of potential irritations.

Why choose Malelaser?

Our clinic uses medical grade Nd:YAG laser. Malelaser offers the best value for money pckage deals. We don’t use cheap IPL or Soprano machines. You will be in the hands of our laser practitioner, who is fully experienced and qualified of many many years. Most importantly most of our new clients come from existing clients, after they have tried everything else.We deliver results you wanted.