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As an discount offshoot specializing in laser hair removal for men service of the Beaulaser clinic, whose clients are primarily via recommendations, our primary focus is on delivering results at an affordable price for men. No corner is cut -ever.

  • Upto 95% Permanent hair reduction
  • Our Lasers are suitable for all skin types
  • Established clinic with multiple 5 star reviews
  • Ultra competitive real price packages with no gimmicks.
medical grade laser hair removal in west london borough of hillingdon near uxbridge
Beaulaser Laser Beauty Clinic working with Male Laser

Straight Up Answers

What Is It?

laser hair removal is the process of a laser beaming highly concentrated light into hair follicles. Pigments in the follicles absorb the light and heat up to the point of singeing which then destroys the hair and the surrounding root disabling it from future hair growth.

The laser process works by using wavelengths of light to destroy melanin. Laser stands for Light Amplification through the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. True Lasers, or any class IV FDA approved lasers designed for permanent hair reduction emit wavelengths of light that are absorbed by the pigment of the hair also known as the melanin.

Lasers can effectively destroy hair without damaging the surrounding skin because the hair shaft (hair itself) absorbs all of the laser energy. This is why treatments are most effective on coarse hair, coarse hair has a lot of pigment for the laser to target and can absorb a substantial amount of laser energy. Fine hair such as peach fuzz cannot absorb much heat and has less pigment.

Is It Permanent?

You will see an upto 95% permanent hair reduction in the treated area.

There is no laser available that can give you 100% laser hair removal.

Our bodies are constantly acting and reacting to hormonal, mental and dietary changes, all of which can induce new follicles.

It is very normal to have a single maintenance treatment session, after a certain period, as discussed beforehand with the qualified laser practitioner.

Is It Safe?

Laser hair removal is the safest, most effective method used to permanently remove unwanted hair.

Before you commence any treat, you will complete a short medical questionnaire and free skin patch test. After 48 hours, if there is no adverse reaction to your skin then your skin is suitable to commence the treatment.

Will It Hurt?

The most common sensation felt during the procedure is a small pinch, like a rubber band is being snapped against your skin. The feeling only lasts a second and  stops when the treatment session does. Some feel it though many don’t.

Our cooling equipment and lasers with large spot sizes help to minimize discomfort.

After the treatment, there is no downtime required, and you can go straight back to work.

Is It Safe For My Skin?

For the vast majority of people of all types of ethnicties and skin colour types, the answer is YES!

The best results for laser hair removal involves hair with pigment. Light blond and grey hair are difficult to treat. This is because the laser targets the pigment in the hair follicle If your hair is light in colour, it will be more difficult for the laser to detect the pigment and effectively disable the hair follicle.

However before treatment is commenced, you will completed a free consultation and skin patch test – whereby the laser practitioner will be have confirmed whether your skin type and hair colour is suitable for permanent hair reduction  in the first place.

How Long Does It Take?

This will entirely depend upon the area that is being treated.

A china or earlobe area is vastly different in size to a fullback area of men. So treatment times can range from 5 minutes to 1 hour.

However please note , there is no need for anytim after each treatment session. You can straight back to your regular activity.

How Much Does It Cost?

Malelaser as an online offshoot of Beaulaser Clinic, are able to match and beat, like for like mens package session prices.

Our whole setup is focused on is value for money treatments at a fair price.

If you goto the prices page, and check what area you want treated, you can find out exactly how much your package treatment will cost.

We are deliberately upfront on our pricing policy, and frown price gimmick tactics.

We do not operate lasers, which you see on sites like Groupon.

The machines that you see there areIntense Pulse Light (IPL) machines are NOT lasers. These machines do not use a set wavelength of light and are not optimized for either skin type or any particular service.

IPL devices lack a true Laser’s ability to produce a set, focused wavelength of light that will only affect the hair shaft known as selective photothermolysis.

IPL devices produce a wide bandwidth of light that can heat up all of the surrounding tissue, making it less effective in disabling hair and putting the patient at a higher risk for burns, especially on darker skin.

IPL devices are generally cheaper than True Laser devices, which is why many clinics choose to use them. True Lasers , like ours, achieve better and faster results than IPL devices.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

laser hair removal process works by targeting hair in its active growth stage.  We strongly advise multiple sessions are necessary in order to capture and treat all of the follicles in the target area.

Not all hair follicles will be actively growing at any one given moment, for each individual hair follicle will be at its own varying lifecycle. Thus a minimum of 6 to 8 sessions can offer the most effective results to capture all the hairs.

It is important to avoid excessive sun exposure during your cours laser hair treatment. Between sessions, you can use a sunless tanning lotion to achieve that summer glow without spending time in the sun. Just be sure to allow enough time for the self-tanner to fade prior to your next session.

Fantastic Results @ Fantastic Prices

laser hair removal for men at unbeatable low prices.

Our ethos is simple. To offer medical grade laser treatment for hair removal, to men of all skin types, at a price point that is affordable.

The laser process itself, involves using a specific beam of light to target the follicle,thus disabling the re-production cycle of the hair.

The treatment is ideal for men wanting, facial hair removal, back hair removal or chest hair removal.

  • A free inital consultations that includes a skin patch test.
  • Treatment plan is discussed and agreed with treatment commencing immediately.
  • We do strongly reccommend a miniumum of six sessions to get maxiumum results.

Most of our clients are referred to by Friends & Family

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